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Igbo Ceremonial Basket Shaker Nyo

Igbo Ceremonial Basket Shaker Nyo

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Igbo people, mid. 20th century Nigeria, West Africa

Gorgeous old Igbo basket shaker. The Igbo people, natively called "Ndi Igbo" are the second largest group of people living in southern Nigeria. They are also one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. Their traditional homeland straddles the Niger River in the south-east and is one of the most densely populated areas of the African continent. Traditional Igbo religion (Odinani) includes belief in a supreme god (called Chukwu or Chineke) who created the visible universe (Uwa). The creator can be approached through the minor gods include the feminine earth goddess (called Ala). She is associated with fertility. The Anyanwu (meaning the "eye of the sun") is the sun god who makes crops and trees grow. Igwe is the sky god, the source of rain. In addition Igbo believe that each person has their own personal god (Chi), which is credited for an individual's fortune or misfortune. Chi is believed to be a spiritual connection between an individual and the high god. There are also numerous other deities and spirits as well as a belief in ancestors who protect their living descendants. 

Finely constructed musical instrument "nyo". Primarily, the shakers are two kinds, basket (called nyo) and calabash (ishaka). The basket shaker has a piece of round calabash as the base, and the basket is woven and closed at the top. Before the top of the basket is closed, rattling materials, such as pebbles, bone pieces or seeds, are put into the basket. Basket shaker are in good condition. Age-related wear. Deep reddish brown color and gorgeous tanned patina. Size approx. 31,0cm x 21,0cm x 21,0cm.

Provenance: Finnish private collection

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