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Neolithic Tenerian Culture Stone Grave Goods or Amulets

Neolithic Tenerian Culture Stone Grave Goods or Amulets

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The Tenerian culture, c. 4600 BC - 2500 BC, Ténéré Desert, Niger, West Africa.

Fabulous pair of ancient stone and fossil grave goods or amulets. The Tenerian culture is a prehistoric industry that existed between about 4600 BC and 2500 BC in the Sahara Desert. This was during a wet period of Saharan history known as the Neolithic Subpluvial. The Tenerian culture was discovered in 2000 during an archaeological expedition led by Paul Sereno in the site known as Gobero in Niger. Gobero is hidden away within Niger's unapproachable Ténéré Desert, known to Tuareg nomads as a "desert within a desert." Two distinct prehistoric cultures were discovered at the site: the early Holocene Kiffian culture, and the middle Holocene Tenerian culture. The Kiffians were a prehistoric people who preceded the Tenerians and vanished approximately 8000 years ago, when the desert became very dry. They were skilled hunters. Bones of many large savannah animals that were discovered in the same area suggest that the Kiffians lived on the shores of a lake that was present during the Holocene Wet Phase, a period when the Sahara desert was verdant and wet. The more recent population was the Tenerian, a more lightly built people who appeared to have had a diverse economy of hunting, fishing and cattle herding. They lived during the latter part of the green Sahara, about 7,000 to 4,500 years ago. The graves show the Tenerians came to bury their dead in less flexed side postures, often including grave goods, such as clay pots, spear points, arrowheads, ground stone tools and jewelry made of hippo tusks, for an afterlife.

Good condition. Age-related wear, minor chip and abrasion. Size varies from 11,8cm to 8,0cm. Sell as a pair.

Provenance: Dutch private collection.

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