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Seljuk Pottery Spouted Pitcher

Seljuk Pottery Spouted Pitcher

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The Seljuk Empire, c. 1037-1194AD, Khorāsān Province, Persia.

Fantastic, rare and unusual Islamic unglazed terracotta pitcher are from high medieval Turko-Persian Seljuk Empire, probably from Khorāsān. The globular, compressed body rests on a splayed foot with wide funnel-shaped neck. Conical eloganted spout project from the shoulder. A rounded handle surmounted by knob connects the shoulder and the rim on the other side, and on the inside of the jug at the neck, there is a delicately moulded lid fused to the rest of the vessel with small round opening. Finely decorated in brownish black with geometric patterns consisting of various triangular designs. Seljuk potters demonstrated their expertise in wheel-throwing and molding techniques to achieve the desired forms and proportions. The production of ceramics in the Seljuk Empire was a highly developed and esteemed art form. Skilled potters employed a range of techniques to create exquisite ceramic vessels like this jug. During early Seljuk period, molded pottery were often made without glazing. The Great Seljuk Empire (1037-1194AD) was a high medieval Turko-Persian Sunni Muslim Empire founded by Tuğrul Beg and his brother Chağribey Beg in 1037. The Seljuks were a subdivision of the Qiniq branch of the Oğuz Turks, originating on the steppe north of the Aral Sea. At the time of its greatest extent, the Seljuk Empire controlled a vast area, stretching from western Anatolia and the Levant in the west to the Hindu Kush in the east, and from Central Asia in the north to the Persian Gulf in the south and was the target of the First Crusade (1095-1099AD). Starting in the 1140's, during the Second Crusade (1147- 1149AD), the Seljuk Empire declined, and was eventually replaced by the Khwarazmian Dynasty in 1194.

Excellent condition. Minor chip in the foot, otherwise intact. No repairs. Wear consistent with age and use. Surface scratches and color fading. Size approx. 15,0cm x 20,5cm x 14,0cm.

Provenance: private collection from Germany

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